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60s Line (Fort Totten-Petworth-Takoma)

Z Lines Silver Spring-Columbia Pike

P12 Eastover-Addison Line

Metrobus Transit Service Guidelines

Metrobus Late Night Service

Rhode Island Ave-Baltimore Ave Line

Little River Turnpike (29 Lines)

C2-C4 (Greenbelt-Twinbrook Line)

80 (North Capitol Street Line)

F4-F6 (East-West Highway, Maryland)

52-53-54 (14th Street Line)

A Lines (Anacostia-Congress Heights)

Y Line (Georgia Avenue-MD)

90s Line (U Street-Garfield)

K6 Line (New Hampshire Ave-MD)

X Line (Benning Road-H Street)

28-Leesburg Pike Line

Q Line (Veirs Mill Road)

S Line (16th Street)

30s Line (Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Ave)

Crystal City-Potomac Yard Transitway (Metroway)

Metrobus Service Evaluations:

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Metrobus Service Evaluations: 17 & 18 Lines(en español)

Click here to download a copy of the proposed recommendations.

Rider Survey Closes June 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

Quick Facts:

  • Who is involved? The project is being undertaken by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority (WMATA), with assistance and coordination from Fairfax County (VA) and Fairfax Connector.
  • What is being studied?
    17A, 17B, 17F, 17M: Kings Park Line
    17G, 17H, 17K, 17L: Kings Park Express Line
    18E, 18F: Springfield Line
    18G, 18H, 18J: Orange Hunt Line
    18P, 18R, 18S: Burke Centre Line
  • Why was this corridor chosen for study?
  • WMATA is reviewing these lines in cooperation with the on-going Fairfax Connector TDP (Connections 2015), in an effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the lines, while also enhancing connections between Metrobus and Connector services.
  • When did the study begin?
  • The study began in February, 2015. Metro and its partners will study the line over a six-month period and expects to have preliminary recommendations ready for Metrobus board approval by late summer/early fall 2015.
  • What is the study process?
  • The Metrobus Service Evaluation Study for the 17 & 18 Lines has three main components:
    1. Review capacity, productivity, reliability and quality of service indicators
    2. Identify the need for customer facilities
    3. Recommend changes to improve service delivery
The evaluation process will include a number of analytical techniques geared towards better understanding the operations and performance of the Metrobus services and the settings in which these services operate. Ultimately, recommendations will assist with improving route directness and simplicity, service levels, reliability, connectivity and the customer experience.

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Public Meetings

Two public meetings were held at the following times and locations:

Date and Time
George Mason University 4400 University Drive,
Fairfax, VA 22030
(Johnson Center, Gold Room)
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Irving Middle School 8100 Old Keene Mill Rd,
Springfield, VA 22152
Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Click here to download a copy of the Public Meeting boards, which include further details on existing services and proposed recommendations.


17 Lines Timetable(June 2016)

18 Lines Timetable(June 2016)

Reports & Publications

Technical Memorandum #1 - Transit Service Assessment(October 2015)

Technical Memorandum #2 - Traffic Operations Assessment(October 2015)

Technical Memorandum #3 - Public Involvement(October 2015)

Technical Memorandum #4 - Service Recommendations(October 2015)

Technical Memorandum #5 - Summary Presentation(October 2015)


If you would like to contact the project team, please send an e-mail directly to them.