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The Metrobus 52-53-54 (14th Street Line) Study ((En Español))

Quick Facts:

  • Who was involved? This study was a partnership between Metro and the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT).
  • What was studied? The 14th Street Line (Metrobus routes 52, 53, and 54).
  • Where is the corridor located? The three routes of the 14th Street Line run north-south in the District of Columbia between Takoma Metro Station and Franklin Square (53) and L'Enfant Plaza (52, 54).
  • Why was this corridor chosen for study? The combined routes of the 14th Street Line have one of the highest riderships in the Metrobus system - about 15,000 on an average weekday. But the 14th Street Line has some service and operational issues that need to be resolved in order to provide a better experience for riders.
  • When did the study begin? December 2011. Metro and DDOT studied the line over the first half of 2012 and completed the final report in August 2012.
  • When will service on the line be improved? The study recommendations will be put before the WMATA Board for approval in late 2012. Pending approval, improvements will be implemented in several phases beginning in early 2013.

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Where are we in the study?

The 14th Street Line Study is now complete and the Final Report can be downloaded below (PDF). If you would like to comment on the recommendations, it's not too late -- please send an e-mail directly to the project team.

Reports & Publications:

Final Report [October 2012]

Summary of Public Meetings [August 2012]

Traffic Assessment [July 2012]

Rider Survey Results [June 2012]

Display Boards for Public Meeting #3 [June 2012 -- contains draft recommendations for improvements]

Transit Assessment [April 2012]

Display Boards for Public Meeting Series #2 [April 2012]

Study Overview [April 2012]

Display Boards for Public Meeting #1 [February 2012]

Maps and Timetables for the Metrobus 14th Street Line


Click on the icon to see a full-size map of existing Metrobus service on the 14th Street Line:


The first public meeting for the Metrobus 14th Street Line Study took place on Thursday, February 23, 2012 at WMATA Northern Division in the 14th Street Heights neighborhood. The open-house style meeting was open to riders of the 52/53/54 routes and all members of the community. The preliminary results of the rider survey were shown, and participants gave input about perceived problems on the 14th Street Line. The study team also discussed possible solutions to these problems with participants. The ideas generated at the public meeting are now being used to develop improvement options to be studied and potentially approved and implemented by Metro in 2012.

The second set of public meetings for the study took place on April 12 and 16, 2012, at WMATA Northern Division and Columbia Heights Community Center, respectively. Participants learned about potential improvement options for the 14th Street Line and offered input on them.

The third and final meeting for the 14th Street Line Study took place on June 21, 2012, at WMATA Northern Division. At this meeting, the project team reviewed recommendations for improvements to the line, and solicited feedback from participants on them.

A rider survey was conducted on January 10, 2012, and on-line for several months thereafter.