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Metrobus Service Evaluations:

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Service Evaluation Studies 2011, Part 1: Purpose of the Study (en Español)):

The purpose of these evaluations is to identify the strategic needs for program and facilities; review capacity, productivity, reliability, and quality of service indicators; and recommend changes that will improve service delivery. WMATA, in cooperatin with its jurisdictional partners, is reviewing the bus lines listed below to improve service efficiency and coverage. This involves examining the overall performance with the aim of improving service reliability, frequency, crowding, travel time, bus stop amenities, and customer communications.

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Lines Studied

Eight lines were chosen for this study based on customer complaints and an assessment made by Metrobus Operations service planners. Click on the links below for downloadable schedules of the Metrobus lines. (Note: the Metrobus lines listed below represent Part 1 of a series of evaluations that took place in 2011.

Line Name Operating Area
Laurel Express Line Laurel to Greenbelt (87) and New Carrollton (88) Metro Stations
Laurel Line Laurel to Greenbelt Metro Station
Military Road-Crosstown Line Friendship Heights Metro Station to Ivy City (E2, E3) and Eastern Avenue (E4)
Chevy Chase Line

Friendship Heights Metro Station to Greene Circle

Lincolnia-North Fairlington Line Landmark (7A/F) and Southern Towers (7E, Y) to Pentagon and Federal Triangle (7Y only)
Lincolnia-Park Center-Pentagon Line Pentagon to Park Center, Southern Towers, and Lincolnia
DC-Dulles Line L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station to Dulles International Airport via Rosslyn, Tysons-Westpark, and Herndon-Monroe Park & Ride
Greenbelt-BWI Airport Line Express between Greenbelt Metro Station and BWI/Thurgood Marshall Airport

Study Process

The Metrobus Service Evaluation Study (2011, Part 1) had three main components:

  1. Reviewing current transit operations and traffic conditions;
  2. Reaching out to stakeholders, transit riders, and members of the public;
  3. Developing recommendations and an implementation strategy.

A rider survey was administered in person at high-ridership bus stops along all eight lines in the evaluation (in March and April 2011), and an electronic version of the survey for each line was available on this web page for two months (from mid-April to mid-June 2011). The surveys are now closed, as the project team is currently in the process of analyzing the input it received from riders and preparing a memo that will incorporate the results of both the in-person and electronic rider surveys. The memo will be available for review in mid-July 2011. If you missed the opportunity to take the rider survey, you can still give your input by sending an e-mail directly to the project team.

In addition, six public meetings were held in May and June 2011 for the eight lines in this service evaluation. See the schedule under "Events" below. If you missed the public meetings but would like to read a summary of the analysis so far and the preliminary recommendations for each line, please see the "Reports and Publications" section below.


Click here to see maps of the lines that are being evaluated in this study. [PDF, eight pages]


June 2011

Six public meetings were held for the Metrobus Service Evaluations in late May and early June of 2011. The purpose of the meetings was to show existing conditions along each corridor, share the results of the rider survey, and gather input from participants about ideas for potential improvements to the lines. The dates and locations of the public meetings were:

Tue, May 24 - Herndon Library (5A)
Wed, May 25 - Laurel Library (87/88, 89/89M, B30)
Tue, May 31 - Lamond-Riggs Library (E2/E3/E4)
Wed, June 1 - Chevy Chase Library, E2/E3/E4, E6, 5A)
Tue, June 7 - John Adams E.S. (7 Lines)
Wed, June 8 - Shirlington Library (7 Lines)

Around 85 Metrobus riders attended the meetings and dozens more submitted comments via e-mail. Thanks to those who took the time to give us their feedback on Metrobus service and on the preliminary recommendations! The next step will be to refine the recommendations for improvements based on what we heard and on additional analysis. The revised draft recommendations are expected to be ready for review by the public in summer 2011.

Reports and Publications

Service Evaluation Studies 2011, Part 1, Final Report
Presentation (condensed version of Final Report)
Public Involvement Report

Information Packets for Public Meetings, May-June 2011:

Route 5A
Routes 87-88, 89-89M, and B30
Routes E2-E3-E4
Route E6
7 Lines

Display Boards for Public Meetings, May-June 2011:
(File sizes are large; please allow time to download)

Route 5A
Route B30
Routes 87-88
Routes 89-89M
Routes E2-E3-E4
Route E6
7 Lines

Please note that the recommendations contained in the above presentations and display boards are preliminary at this time. Metro and its parter agencies will be refining the recommendations during Summer 2011 based on public input received and on additional analysis to be completed. Final recommendations will not be brought before the WMATA Board for approval until late summer or early fall, so if you have comments on the evaluations or the preliminary recommendations, please send an e-mail to the project team to have your say!

Contact Us

We welcome suggestions and comments about the study; please send an e-mail to provide your comments on any of the bus lines included in the study (or call the project hotline at 703-340-3105).