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The Metrobus Z Line Study (en español)

Quick Facts:

  • Who is involved? The study is a partnership between Metro, the Maryland Department of Transportation, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation.
  • What is being studied? The following Metrobus routes:
    Z2: Colesville-Ashton Line, between Silver Spring and Olney
    Z6: Calverton-Westfarm Line, between Silver Spring and Burtonsville Crossing Park & Ride
    Z8: Fairland Line, between Silver Spring and Greencastle Park & Ride
    Z11, Z13: Greencastle-Briggs Chaney Express Line, between Silver Spring and Greencastle Park & Ride
    Z9, Z29: Laurel-Burtonsville Express Line, between Silver Spring and South Laurel Park & Ride
  • Why was this corridor chosen for study? Combined, these routes have one of the highest riderships in the Metrobus system, but the line has some service and operational issues that need to be evaluated and fixed to provide a better experience for riders. As the study progresses, specific challenges facing the line will be identified and potential solutions will be recommended.
  • When did the study begin? March 2014. Metro and its agency partners will study the line over a eight-month period and they expect to have preliminary recommendations for improvements ready for Metro Board in early 2015.
  • How will service on the line be improved? To answer this question, Metro is relying on input from riders. A survey of riders is being conducted in April 2014 with public meetings to follow in spring and summer 2014. Please visit this page again in the coming months to learn more about the study as it progresses.

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Public Meetings

Two public meetings were held in September 2014 to discuss potential improvements to Metrobus Z Lines (Routes Z2, Z6, Z8, Z9, Z11, Z13, and Z29). A copy of the meeting materials can be downloaded via the link below:

September 2014 Public Meeting Boards and Materials (click for download)

Timetables & Maps

Z2, Z6: Colesville-Ashton Line and Calverton-Westfarm Line
Z8: Fairland Line
Z9, Z29: Laurel-Burtonsville Express Line
Z11, Z13: Greencastle-Briggs Chaney Express Line

Reports & Publications

Z Line PCN Study - Executive Summary

Z Line PCN Study - Riders Survey Results - June 2014

Z Line PCN Study - Results of Public Meetings - September 2014

Z Line PCN Study - Traffic Assessment - October 2014

Z Line PCN Study - Transit Service Assessment - September 2014

Z Line PCN Study - Final Recommendations - January 2015


If you would like to contact the project team, please send an e-mail directly to them.